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Neodymium doped Potassium-Gadolinium Tungstate crystals (Nd:KGd(WO4)2 or Nd:KGW) are low-threshold high effective laser medium exceptionally suitable for laser rangefinders. The efficiency of such lasers is 3 - 5 times better than that of the Yttrium-Aluminium Garnet (YAG) lasers. At low pumping energies (0.5 to 1.0 J) KGW crystals are one of the few materials ensuing an effective generation. KGW single crystals can also be used for the fabrication of high-efficiency lasers with high output energy. The single crystals exhibit a high optical quality. KGW crystals have great value of the bulk strength for laser radiation.

Physical and Optical Properties:

Chemical Formula: Nd:KG(WO4)2
Structure symmetry Monoclinic; 2/m; l2/a
Lattice constants: a=8.087, b=10.374, c=7.588, beta=94.4deg.
Melting point: 1075deg.C
Phase transition to tetragonal form 1005deg.C
Hardness: Mohs 4
Density: 7.27g/cm 3
Thermal conductivity: 2.8[100]; 2.2[010]; 3.5[001] W.m -1 .K -1

Optical Properties:

Transmission range: 350 ~5500 nm
Refractive index [1067nm, 25deg.C]: nq = 2.049; np = 1.978; nm = 2.014
Fluorescent lifetime: 110 us (3% doping), 90 us ( 8% doping)
Thermal expansion: 4.0[100]; 3.5[010]; 8.5[001] 10E-6 .K -1
Optical damage threshold 20 GW/cm 2
Optical homogeneity: <1 x 10-5 dn/n
Peak emission cross section: >3.8 x 10-19/cm 2 @1067nm
Yong modules: 115.8[100], 152.5[010], 92.4[001]
Bend limits: 13.9[100], 10.2[010], 6.4[001] kg/mm
Solubility in water: Insoluble
Lasing Wavelength: 911nm,1067nm,1351nm

General Specifications

1) Diameter: 20mm max
2) Length: 75mm max
3) Surface Quality: better than 10/5 scratch/dig Per MIL-0-13830A
4) Parallelism: < 20"
5) Perpendicularity: < 5 arc minutes
6) Optical Axis Orientation: +/- 0.5deg.
7) Surface Flatness: < 1/10 @633nm
8) Transimission Wavfront Distortion: < 1/4 @633nm
9) Coating: AR, HR or upon customer's specification

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