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Ultafast Laser Dispersion Prism Pair

These Dispersion Prism Pairs are used to compensate for spectral dispersion that occurs in ultrafast laser systems. The prism is designed so that the input and output angles are both at Brewster's Angle. The dispersion accumulated phase Φ(ω) in the prism pair is equal to:

Φi(ω)-Φj(ω)=2ωd cos(θij) /c

where the ω, d, and θ correspond to frequency, prism separation, exit angle of the transmitted wavelength, respectively.

The second and third derivatives of the accumulated phase with respect to frenquency are defined to be Group Velocity Dispersion (GVD) and Third-Order Dispersion (TOD, respectively.

Different materials are chosen for compensation of various amounts of dispersion. Optocity offer CaF2, Fused Silica, BK7, F2, SF10, SF14, etc. Ultrafast Laser Dispersion Prism Pairs.

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