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Ce:YAP Crystal Scintillator

Ce: YAP (Yttrium Aluminum Perovskite activated by Ce3+) shares the same advantages as YAG but is more efficient in terms of light output than YAG crystals. As well. the emission spectrum peaks at about 378nm. and this corresponds closely to the maximum sensitivity of the S11 photocathode which in general is used in most scanning electron microscopes. (There would be more improvement in signal by using a YAP crystal rather than YAG in these microscopes). The decay time of YAP (40ns) is faster than YAG (80ns) so its overall performance is superior to YAG. YAP crystals are coated with 50nm of aluminum prior to use.

Features of Ce:YAP Crystal Scintillator

- Combine the advantage of emission characteristics of a P47 plus the durability of the YAG.
- The useful life time is essentially forever when compared to P-47
Excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
- TV compatible with fast decay time (40ns)
- High temperature tolerance. Bakeability to 400 °C
- Easily detects samples high in cathodoluminescence i.e. gallium arsenide
- Atomic number differences of 0.1 on object analysis
- Chemical Formula: YAlO3
- Refractive index: 1.82
- Bulk density: 4.551
- Aluminum coated on polished side

Ce:YAG Crystal Scintillator

Cerium-doped YAG is commonly used as a phosphor in cathode ray tubes and white light-emitting diodes, and as a scintillator. As scintillation crystal, Ce:YAG has a high luminous efficiency and wide pulse. Ce:YAG's emission peak (550nm) is well matched with the sensitivity wavelength of photodiode. Ce:YAG is a suitable scintillator when use photodiode as a photodetector for detecting light charged particles. Ce:YAG has good stable thermodynamic properties and can be applied in high temperature and extreme environments.
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Order Ce:YAG & Ce:YAP Crystal Scintillator

Ce:YAP crystal Scintillator

Ce:YAP 5x5x0.5mm Scintillator

Ce:YAP 10x5x0.5mm Scintillator

Ce:YAP 10x10x0.5mm Scintillator

Ce:YAP 25x25x0.5mm Plate


Ce:YAG crystal Scintillator

Ce:YAG 5x5x0.5mm Scintillator

Ce:YAG 10x5x0.5mm Scintillator

Ce:YAG 10x10x0.5mm Scintillator

Ce:YAG 25x25x0.5mm Plate


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